Custom Kitchen

The challenge was to design a new custom kitchen for a family of eight.  The existing kitchen was not designed to serve a large family. As we all know, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home where family gathers to enjoy cooking, eating and sharing stories.  The goal of the design solution was to create a well thought-out space that functions properly to serve the large family. Through much research and input from the family, I designed a new kitchen to specifically serve their needs. The design included a center island with a secondary sink which could be used when the main kitchen sink was being occupied.  The design also included a beverage station with a beverage refrigerator, a breakfast bar, a cathedral ceiling and large window at the kitchen sink with views to the wooded-yard, space for a large farmhouse style table, a large walk-in pantry, a snacks pantry and a cleaning supplies pantry.

staley ren1R1.jpg

Materiality: Solid wood flooring, stone countertops, white subway tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, bright cabinetry

Project Cost: $120,000

staley ren1.jpg
staley ren3R1.jpg
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staley ren2.jpg
Staley_R2 3D perspective 2.22.2017.jpg
staley ren5R1.jpg